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Emerging Writers’ Festival 2017

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emerging writers festival

Emerging Writers’ Festival 2017

The Emerging Writers’ Festival could not be better timed for me this year.

I’m in limbo waiting for beta reader feedback on Wye River, procrastinating about whether to dive into the first draft Expat Bitches properly before the school holidays (I know, excuses excuses, but…), uninspired with the bizzo of maintaining an author platform. It’s one of those common writer freakout moments combined with the onset of winter to form a perfect storm of what/why/how/when doubt. A Perfect Doubt Storm. In these instances, I start looking for a new job, truly, while trying not to give in to my inner cat and simply lay in a patch of paltry winter sun to snooze and read.

Enter the Emerging Writers Festival and a few weeks of talking about, and listening to other people talking about, words, writing, books, publishing and other topics close to my logophile heart. This year I’m an EWF volunteer, which grants me free access to pretty much the entire program for a mere eight hours of my time, attending sessions that I would have been thrilled to enrol in anyway. I’ve also signed up for another pitching masterclass, this one distinguished by the opportunity to pitch to literary agents Curtis Brown and Jacinta de Mase Management, or publishers Hachette, Transit Lounge, Penguin, Pantera Press and Affirm Press, at the end of the day.

What I’m looking forward to most is being surrounded by like-minded people who understand the roller coaster ride of writing and being reinspired to hang on for dear life. Even though I was the oldest volunteer in the briefing room, and even though I’m older than anyone running the festival, I’m also looking forward to seeing all the other ’emerging’ writers out there who are pursuing their dream with determination regardless of their age.

See you there, word nerds!






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